Serenity Counseling

Individual and Couple Counseling

Individual Counseling Sessions

In individual counseling sessions, I work with individuals to achieve personal growth, to heal from emotional wounds, and to become free from dysfunctional ways of perceiving, thinking, and acting. I help people to recognize and to maximize their strengths, while examining and making changes in those areas of their life that are not working effectively.

Couple Counseling Sessions

In couple counseling sessions, I assist couples with interpersonal and relational problems. I use current, empirically tested methods to enable clients to build more effective and satisfying relationships. I use Gottman Method Couples Therapy in which I have received advanced training.

Individual Life-Coaching Sessions

Life-Coaching is client-centered, solution-focused, and is usually brief. It is similar to a counseling session, but is more focused on a specific issue. I offer:

  • Action Coaching – For an individual who is ready to make one or more big changes and needs motivation, guidance, support, and accountability to achieve their goal. Weekly sessions usually are suggested.
  • Supportive Coaching – For an individual who has recently made big changes and/or has recently followed a course of counseling and can benefit from assistance, accountability, and support to stay on-track. Bi-monthly sessions are usually suggested.